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Our Success Stories

We have compiled some success stories from various consulting engagements for your review. We have successfully completed many projects over the years and certainly want to share our thoughts and ideas with you as you search for a solution partner.

“We’ve been part of many Opioid Overdose trainings and partnering with Vantage Clinical Consulting LLC. was by far the best- the best in terms of subject matter expertise, methodology, originality, organization, comprehensiveness, timeliness and final product (a new overdose policy). All was at a cost that was fair, reasonable and better than competitors."

- Phoenix Behavioral Health Services

The Patients Were Running the Practice

The Problem: An Internist recently began treating Opioid Addiction in his outpatient office and had been having some challenges with disruptive patient behaviors.


Our Approach: We began by revising his treatment protocol and. We implemented office rules and protocols including required Substance Use Disorders counseling where patients can “practice” having healthy discussions and relationships with others in an environment where they feel safe. We also added more frequent urine testing procedures, patient responsibilities, and consequences for non-compliance.


The Results: We created an environment that our client would enjoy working in and one where his patients would enjoy receiving treatment. After implementing quality standards, the Dr. felt better knowing that we could turn things around. We could see an immediate growth in his confidence and in his abilities to run an efficient and effective practice. Over the course of 3 months, we increased quality care, patient retention and increased profits by 20%.

The Marketing Team Wasn’t Producing the Results Needed

The Problem: The organization was re-branding and after more than a year and thousands of marketing calls, the marketing team wasn’t producing the results needed. The team had been going everywhere, trying to be everything to everyone and it did not lead to a significant increase in referrals.


Our Approach: We began by developing a team culture, team pillars to set and build a culture of hard work and accountability, then assessed individual territory needs. With the pillars in place, we built systems from the ground up. We rewrote the position description to clarify role and attract talent focused on results. We conducted market research/market planning for better targeting and lead generation. We developed a marketing strategy for each territory. Finally, we developed, created, planned, facilitated a 2-day sales skills training and implemented a community-based route plan to maximize on time in territory.

The Results: With a clear understanding of their role, we enhanced the teams marketing messages, increased call capacity by 30% and significantly increased referrals to the treatment program.

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