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VCC, has above average service knowledge and they are exceptional people who radiate genuineness in their work.”
- Dr. Tyree Brinson, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Medication Assisted Treatment (M.A.T) is the use of medications in combination with counseling and behavioral therapies for the treatment of Substance Use Disorders. A combination of medication and behavioral therapies has proven to be an effective tool and has helped patients to obtain and sustain recovery. Developing or implementing M.A.T to existing treatment and/or medical services requires clinical and medical business strategies. We can help by consulting with you and training you and your staff on the below topics:



Managing M.A.T. Practice or Program Services:

  • Screening/Diagnosing/Treating

  • System Management

  • Induction

  • Stabilization

  • Maintenance

  • Medical Withdrawal

  • Managing Special Populations (Pregnant, Co-occurring, HIV etc.)

  • Addiction Counseling

  • Practice Management Tips/Tricks/Nuances

  • Latest Policies, procedures, Documentation

Treating with M.A.T Services:

  • Treating Opioid and/or Alcohol Addiction

  • Quality Control

  • Opioid Risk Reduction (Tips/Tools)

  • Rules/Refs

  • Bookkeeping

  • Managed Care/Insurance

  • *Billing/Coding

  • Ongoing Staff Education

Establishing M.A.T. Practice Services:

  • Screening and/or referring patients

  • Addiction Treatment Considerations

  • Developing your Treatment Framework

  • Expanding your medical practice to include M.A.T

  • Obtaining a waiver (CSAT XDEA#)

  • Setting up a (solo/group) practice or program

  • Setting up/managing relationships with other providers

       (Counselors, Pharmacies, Laboratories)

       Client/Patient customer service

  • System Creation

  • Addiction Training (Disease specific)

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