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Medication Assisted Treatment (M.A.T) is the use of medications in combination with counseling and behavioral therapies for the treatment of Substance Use Disorders. A combination of medication and behavioral therapies has proven to be an effective tool and has helped patients to obtain and sustain recovery.

"VCC, has above average service knowledge and they are exceptional people who radiate genuineness in their work.

- Dr. Tyree Brinson, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Solid Strategy

Developing or implementing M.A.T to existing treatment and/or medical services requires clinical and medical business strategies. We can help by consulting with you and training you and your staff on the below topics:

Managing M.A.T. Practice or Program Services:

  • Screening/Diagnosing/Treating

  • System Management

  • Induction

  • Stabilization

  • Maintenance

  • Medical Withdrawal

  • Managing Special Populations (Pregnant, Co-occurring, HIV etc.)

  • Addiction Counseling

  • Practice Management Tips/Tricks/Nuances

  • Latest Policies, procedures, Documentation

Treating with M.A.T Services:

  • Treating Opioid and/or Alcohol Addiction

  • Quality Control

  • Opioid Risk Reduction (Tips/Tools)

  • Rules/Refs

  • Bookkeeping

  • Managed Care/Insurance

  • *Billing/Coding

  • Ongoing Staff Education

Establishing M.A.T. Practice Services:

  • Screening and/or referring patients

  • Addiction Treatment Considerations

  • Developing your Treatment Framework

  • Expanding your medical practice to include M.A.T

  • Obtaining a waiver (CSAT XDEA#)

  • Setting up a (solo/group) practice or program

  • Setting up/managing relationships with other providers

       (Counselors, Pharmacies, Laboratories)

       Client/Patient customer service

  • System Creation

  • Addiction Training (Disease specific)

Those We've Served

“Nearly 200 people are dying daily from drug overdose (130 Opioid) and our approach to treating the Disease of Addiction is changing faster than ever… We will help you build the skills, systems and mindset to innovate, treat and grow.

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“Vantage Clinical Consulting LLC., we can’t thank you enough for your guidance through adding our M.A.T. program. I know that this work will provide us with invaluable strategic direction and assistance for years to come".

- Serenity Treatment Center

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