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Leadership Coaching for Helping Professionals

At Vantage Clinical Consulting LLC, we understand the unique challenges faced by professionals in the helping fields. Our leadership coaching is designed to empower you with the skills, insights, and strategies necessary to lead with confidence and compassion. Whether you’re navigating complex organizational dynamics, aiming to enhance team performance, or seeking personal growth, our tailored coaching programs provide the support you need to achieve your goals.

"VCC, has above average service knowledge and they are exceptional people who radiate genuineness in their work.

- Dr. Tyree Brinson, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

1:1 Leadership Coaching

Our coaching services are grounded in over two decades of leadership in the substance use and mental health sectors. We bring a deep understanding of the complexities and demands of these fields, offering insights and solutions tailored to your specific needs.


Our goal is to help you lead with clarity, purpose, and confidence, making a lasting impact on your organization and the communities you serve.

Executive Coaching

​One-on-one sessions focused on developing strategic leadership skills, enhancing decision-making abilities, and fostering resilience in high-pressure environments.

Performance Optimization

Techniques and tools to enhance personal and team productivity, set and achieve ambitious goals, and maintain work-life balance.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coaching

Enhancing leadership capacity to create inclusive environments, embrace diversity, and promote equity within organizations.

Team Leadership Development

Customized workshops and training programs to build cohesive, high-performing teams. Emphasizes communication, collaboration, and conflict resolution.

Career Advancement Coaching

5. Career Advancement Coaching: • Support for professionals aiming to advance their careers, including resume building, interview preparation, and strategic career planning.


Leveraging our credibility and capital in our field to enhance and advance your career. Through our sponsorship services, we advocate for you in professional circles, provide opportunities for visibility, and connect you with key stakeholders and influencers in your field.

Emotional Intelligence Training

Development of self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills to improve leadership effectiveness and workplace relationships.

Stress Management and Burnout Prevention

6. Stress Management and Burnout Prevention: • Strategies and practices to manage stress, prevent burnout, and promote well-being in high-demand professions.

Ready to take your leadership to the next level?

Schedule a free consultation with our CEO, Jamelia Hand, and discover how our coaching services can support your professional journey.

“Vantage Clinical Consulting LLC., we can’t thank you enough for your guidance through adding our M.A.T. program. I know that this work will provide us with invaluable strategic direction and assistance for years to come".

- Serenity Treatment Center

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