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Does it really make a difference how someone GETS or STAYS sober?

Many of us can agree that we need as many chemical dependency treatment options as we have people who are desperately seeking recovery... So, why is it that some of us care so passionately about HOW someone GETS or STAYS sober? Self Help vs. Smart Recovery Medication Assisted Treatment vs. Cold Turkey Academically Trained Clinicians vs. Life trained clinicians… And so on… Does it really make a difference how someone gets or stays sober? Our CEO Jamelia Hand MHS CADC CODP was featured on “The Broken Brain” podcast on the topic of Medically Assisted Therapy for Addiction where we addressed some of the most common myths of MAT: “You’re not clean if you’re on MAT” “Aren't you just trading one drug for another?” “MAT is just a crutch” Take a listen and be sure to share your thoughts.

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