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"Treatment Resistant Client", "Non-Compliant Patient", or Poor Service?

In our business of Substance Use Disorders Treatment, patients are very ill. Patients can often exhibit symptoms of their illness at intake, during admission and throughout their program. Early in her career, our CEO Jamelia Hand, was an Addiction counselor. She would often observe, hear about, and read case files about patients leaving treatment or being discharged prematurely from their treatment program for being "Treatment Resistant" or "Non Compliant". It didn’t make sense to her that a patient could be discharged from their treatment program for exhibiting symptoms of their illness which led to our question, "Are patients really non compliant or is the service poor or inappropriate?

There are excellent SUD treatment programs and treatment options nationwide. Patients have more options than ever and can "shop" for care. When they have complaints about service, maybe they aren't being bad customers rather they are experiencing inappropriate or poor service. Maybe, as treatment providers we aren't as perfect as we believe. We may not like them but complaints are the BEST thing that ever happened to us!!!!

Strive to offer the highest quality services to your patients and clients. If you need help enhancing your service, please visit us at

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